Harris Office Furniture got its start in 1950 when Julius and Anne Harris, who ran a dry cleaning business, put a sign on the store's front door advertising some used office furniture. When customers showed a great interest, the Harrises began ordering truck loads of office furniture from government surplus and Harris Office Furniture Co., Inc. was born.

In the fall of 1967, George Reimer joined the organization and eventually began managing the store. In the spring of 1976, George and Judy Reimer purchased Harris Office Furniture from Julius and Anne Harris. Judy left the day to day operations in the early 1990's to pursue a master of divinity degree. George remained in the operations until September of 1998.

The current owners and management team consists of Doug Hyre and the Reimers son, Troy. Doug joined Harris Office Furniture in 1980 working in sales. Doug became part of management in the mid- eighties, while continuing in sales. Troy grew up in the business as a teenager, and returned full time in 1996. Doug and Troy purchased the business from George and Judy in September 2001.


Our mission at Harris Office Furniture is to listen to our customers, to understand their needs, and to tailor our solutions to them. In the process, we help clients create productive, healthy, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing business environments. We pledge to deal with our customers and vendors in ways that foster trust, build long-term relationships, and support their business objectives.

Business Philosophy:

Harris Office Furniture maintains a commitment to customer service. Our customers are our business, and we appreciate each and every one of them. Harris has never had formal titles for its employees. This is because we believe each employee is equally important in satisfying our customer's needs.